Set Meals

Set Meal A (Save £11.35)

1 Chicken Tikka Starter, 4 Onion Bhaji, 1 Chicken Tikka Masala or Chicken Korma, 1 Chicken...


Set Meal B (Save £9.05)

2 Veg / Meat Samosas, 4 Onion Bhaji, 1 Chicken Tikka Masala, 1 Chicken Tikka Korai, 1 Sag ...



Tandoori Chicken (St)


Curry King Mix Starter

(For 1 Person ) Haryali tikka, goat cheese and mozzarella samosa, sheek kebab and onion bh...


Haryali Tikka (St)

Chicken breast marinated in green sauce made of spices and herbs, pureed coriander and min...


Goat Cheese Mozzarella Samosa (St)

The popular Samosa given the curry king treatment


Vegetable Samosa (St)


Meat Samosa (St)


Chicken Tikka (St)


Lamb Tikka (St)


Mix Kebab (St)

Sheek kebab, chicken tikka & lamb tikka


Sheek Kebab (St)


Shami Kebab (St)


Chicken Pakora (St)


Onion Bhaji (St)


Prawn Puree (St)



(For two people) 2 pieces of Haryali tikka, 2 pieces of Chicken Tikka , 2 goat cheese and ...


Mixed Samosa (St)

(1meat, 1 vegetable and 1 goat cheese and mozzarella samosa)


King Prawn Puree (St)


Mossala Dishes

A mild dish where the Chicken or Lamb is marinated in yogurt, herbs and traditional spices. Cooked in the Tandoori oven and then served in a rich Tandoori sauce. (No Rice included)

Chicken Tikka Mossala


Lamb Tikka Mossala


Prawn Mossala


Vegetable Mossala



Cooked with Lentils and spices comprising of three different flavours in one dish, sweet, sour and hot. (No Rice included)

Chicken Dansak


Lamb Dansak


Chicken Tikka Dansak


Lamb Tikka Dansak


Chicken And Prawn Dansak


Prawn Dansak


King Prawn Dansak


Vegetable Dansak



Hot, sweet and sour dish cookedin a thicker sauce with a garnish of chopped tomatoes, carrots and cucumber. (No Rice included)

Chicken Pathia


Lamb Pathia


Chicken Tikka Pathia


Lamb Tikka Pathia


Chicken And Prawn Pathia


Prawn Pathia


King Prawn Pathia


Vegetable Pathia


Chef's Specials

(All dishes are cooked in the tandoori (Clay oven) (No Rice included)

Shatkora Nawabi (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

Pieces of chicken breast cooked in special sauce, with coriander and Indian lime. It is tr...


Curry King Special Massala

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka & tandoori king prawn in our famous massala sauce


Mango Delight (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

Cooked using chef’s special sauce and having a layer of sweet fresh mango. Slightly mild


Lukmani (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

A truly unique dish with a bhuna style base and then having a topping consisting of almond...


Staff Curry (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

Dish made for Curry King staff, fresh pieces of tender chicken cooked in a slightly spicy ...


Tandoori Khanna (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

Stripped tandoori chicken cooked with mint, coriander, sliced onion and fresh green chill....


Naga (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

A dish cooked using the famous Naga chilli. The Naga has a very distinctive aroma and tast...


Maricha (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

Created using a tasty blend of peppers, green chilli and onions, cooked in an authentic ho...


Goan (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

A Madras hot dish cooked with onions and green peppers and having a garnish of fried potat...


Poodina Gosht (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

Tender succulent, pieces of minted lamb or chicken cooked with honey, spices and lemon mak...


Murghi Mossala (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

Chicken tikka pieces cooked with minced lamb and whole boiled egg in a medium spicy sauce


Jalpari Mossala (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

A medium hot chicken or lamb stew featuring a special sauce made with whole coriander


Chicken Haryali Mossala

Chicken breast marinated in green sauce made of spices and herbs. Pureed coriander and min...


MODHU PANEER (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

Cubed onion with cheese and honey (Mild).


NEMBUS (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

Bhuna style dish cooked with chickpeas and fresh lemon (Medium).


Special Dishes

(All dishes are cooked in the tandoori (Clay oven) (No Rice included)

Jallfrezzi (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

A hot spicy dish cooked with fresh green chilli, peppers and onions in a thicker sauce gar...


Chicken Chilli Mossala (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

A hot dish cooked with fresh green chilli in a spicy sauce


Passanda (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

A mild and fragrant dish cooked with rose water, cream and coconut


Achar (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

This dish is cooked with a blend of spices and herb with mustard seeds, fenugreek and yogu...


Korai (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

A medium hot dish cooked with tomatoes, onions and peppers in a thick sauce with coriander


Tikka Garlic (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

Cooked with blended spices and garlic sauce giving a intense flavor


Butter Chicken (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnKing PrawnVegetable)

Chicken Tikka pieces cooked in mild but a rich butter sauce


Biryani Dishes

A dish orientating from Persia. The meat or vegetables are cooked with spices and herbs and stir fried with Basmati rice and served as a dish in its self. It is accompanied with a vegetable curry.

Persian Biryani

This Biryani comprises of Chicken, Lamb and Mushrooms with an omelette on top


Navaratan Biryani

This dish Is cooked with the finest Basmati rice with delicate spices and stir fried with ...


Curry King Special Biryani

This Biryani comprises of Chicken, Lamb and Prawn which are stir fried with aromatic spice...


Chicken Biryani


Lamb Biryani


Chicken Tikka Biryani


Lamb Tikka Biryani


Prawn Biryani


King Prawn Biryani


Vegetable Biryani


Tandoori Dishes

All dishes served with side salad and mint sauce

Tikka Mix (m)

Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka & Hariyali Tikka


Haryali Tikka (m)

Pieces of Chicken breast, marinated in green sauce made of spices and herbs, pureed corian...


Chicken Tikka (m)


Lamb Tikka (m)


Tandoori Chicken (m)

Half, On the bone


Tandoori Mix Grill (m)

Tandoori Chicken, Chicken and Lamb Tikka, Sheek kebab and Nan bread


Chicken Tikka Shaslic (m)


Lamb Tikka Shaslic (m)


Tandoori King Prawn (m)


Balti Dishes

A medium hot dish prepared with exotic herbs cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, chopped tomatoes and onion. (Served with plain Nan)

Sag Balti (Opt. ChickenLamb)

Chicken or Lamb Balti with the ever favourite spinach


Mix Balti

Cooked with pieces of Chicken, Prawn and Lamb


Chicken Tikka Balti


Prawn Tikka Balti


Lamb Tikka Balti


King Prawn Balti


Vegetable Balti


Side Dishes

A perfectly tasty accompaniment to all main dishes. Side dishes provide even more variety and enhance the dining experience

Garlic Mushroom (s)


Onion Bhaji (s)


Mix Vegetable Bhaji (s)


Bombay Potatoes (s)

Dry, spicy cooked potatoes


Bhindi Bhaji (s)

Lady Fingers


Sag Bhaji (s)



Tarka Dall (s)

Lentil sauce with garlic


Cauliflower Bhaji (s)


Mix Vegetable Curry (s)


Mushroom Bhaji (s)


Sag Poneer (s)

Spinach and cheese


Sag Aloo (s)

Spinach and potatoes


Brinjel Bhaji (s)



Aloo Gobi (s)

Potato and cauliflower


Chana Bhaji (s)



Motar Poneer (s)

Chickpeas & Cheese


Raitha (Opt. CucumberCarrot)

Cucumber or carrot, with cool yoghurt .



Nan breads are freshly made to order and are baked inside the Tandoori clay oven which is maintained at a high temperatures.

Cheese And Chili Nan


Plain Nan


Garlic Nan


Keema Nan


Peshwari Nan

Sweet Nan bread with coconut and sultanas


Cheese Nan


Chicken Tikka Nan

Stuffed with fresh Chicken Tikka pieces


Cheese and Onion Nan


Cheese Supreme Nan

(Triple cheese)




Plain Porota


Stuffed Porota



Special Fried Rice

Fried with mixed vegetables, Sultanas and flaked Almonds


Boiled Rice


Garlic Fried Rice


Mushroom Rice


Egg Fried Rice


Pilau Rice


Coconut rice


Vegetable rice


Keema rice


Lemon rice


Onion rice


Popadoms and Chutneys

Plain Popadom


Spicy Popadom


Mango Chutney


Mint Sauce


Lime Pickle


Red Onion


Pickle Tray


Green Salad


English Dishes

Fried Chicken & Chips


Chicken Nuggets & Chips


Plain Omlette & Chips


Mushroom Omlette & Chips





Sprite Can


Coke Can


Fanta Can


Lilt Can


Doctor Pepper Can


Diet Coke Can


Coke Bottle


Diet Coke Bottle


Fanta Bottle


Mineral Water Bottle


Spring Water Bottle


Classic Dishes

Rougon (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnChicken TikkaLamb TikkaKing PrawnVegetable)

Cooked with chopped tomatoes and peppers to give a lovely tangy taste. (medium dish)


Curry (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnChicken TikkaLamb TikkaKing PrawnVegetable)

Medium dish with variety of spices and plenty of sauce (medium dish)


Korma (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnChicken TikkaLamb TikkaKing PrawnVegetable)

Sweet creamy dish cooked with coconut and almond powder (very mild dish)


Vindaloo (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnChicken TikkaLamb TikkaKing PrawnVegetable)

Very hot dish exotic blend of spices and potatoes with plenty of sauce (very hot dish)


Bhuna (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnChicken TikkaLamb TikkaKing PrawnVegetable)

Cooked with a variety of spices, tomatoes and peppers with a thick sauce (medium dish)


Madras (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnChicken TikkaLamb TikkaKing PrawnVegetable)

Exotic blend of spices and plenty of sauce (hot dish)


Sag Walla (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnChicken TikkaLamb TikkaKing PrawnVegetable)

A dry dish cooked with spinach (medium dish)


Ceylon (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnChicken TikkaLamb TikkaKing PrawnVegetable)

Fairly hot exotic dish cooked with selected spices and coconut (fairly hot dish)


Dupiaza (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnChicken TikkaLamb TikkaKing PrawnVegetable)

Cooked with chunky onion and peppers (medium dish)


Phall (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnChicken TikkaLamb TikkaKing PrawnVegetable)

Not for the faint hearted, only real chilli lovers can tame a phall (very very hot dish)


Kashmiri (Opt. ChickenLambPrawnChicken TikkaLamb TikkaKing PrawnVegetable)

Sweet creamy dish cooked with coconut, almond powder and banana (very mild dish)


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